Welcome to the FAME Program.                                                                                                                       

What is FAME? 
Fine Arts Mini-Experience (FAME) is an in-class art and music program taught by parent volunteers.

This year we will be sharing video presentations of the lessons.  We have some activities for the students to complete and share with us for a Virtual Art Show.  So get out your paper, pens, crayons or whatever you have on hand and FAME-US!

How does it work?
Parent volunteers (called docents) attend a one-hour discussion meeting before each lesson. At the meeting, docents discuss how to present the artist, composer, and the appropriate hands-on project. No prior knowledge of art or music is necessary! Docents and teachers coordinate the best time for presentation in the classroom. FAME materials are mobile, and are stored in the MUR.

What will the children learn?
FAME gives students a way to understand the arts by introducing them to some fundamental elements of art and music. Students are exposed to artistic perception, creative expression and historical and cultural contexts of the art pieces, all presented in an age-appropriate and fun format.

Who decides what is taught?
FAME is a set, 6-year curriculum developed by educator Kathryn Sherrod, the purpose of which is to familiarize students with well-known artists, composers and their works, especially as they have influenced American culture. 

This year we are teaching FAME II from the 6 year curriculum.

(No art or music experience necessary ... just enthusiasm!)

If you are interested in teaching FAME please sign up for your class on Konstella